I wanted to take the time to recognize one person that changes lives every day. This is extremely unusual for me to post a status update for any reason, so this is not frivolous statement about my life. I am truly grateful for my dentist Dr. Sanjay Patel. With great reluctance I walked into his office expecting the same old information, more pain and tears. This dentist was younger than I expected, he was old enough to have many years of experience, but young enough to keep current with the latest technology available. His dedication, patience, and determination helped me overcome my dental anxiety. My dentist gave me a precious gift–my smile. I didn’t realize it had been in hiding. Dr. Patel does not mail out flyers, with limited time specials to drum up new patients. Instead he is trusted by his patients and they spread the word about his practice. I am going out of my way to let people know about him. If you are considering trying a new dentist, or would like a second opinion about dental work, consider calling Dr. Sanjay Patel.

Jenny G.

I called up on Monday with an issue and Dr. Patel saw me first thing the following day. What I love about going to this office is that I am greeted with Hi Lou how are you. They actually know me and who I am. I have been with this office for as long as I can remember. I came here because the last dentist I had, had no idea who I was!!! I was just a number and he knew me only by my chart. I love the fact that MY dentist knows me and what has been done in the past without even looking at a chart!

Louis Z.

Awesome and thorough! I hate the dentist trips but if it has to be done these folks are the best I’ve come across to date.

Josh S.

Our family is so glad we found Dr. Patel’s practice. They are very friendly and we NEVER have to wait for our appointment time. Highly recommend!

Louis C.

You have wonderful staff who are knowledgeable and able to respond to questions related to procedures you have or will be performing.

Irene R.

Dr. Patel was very thorough and took time to discuss my x-rays and dental needs to my satisfaction. His assistant was efficient and got through the x-ray process quickly. The receptionist was friendly and explained the costs and my financing options if needed.

Cheryl N.

I can’t thank Dr. Patel enough for seeing me on Good Friday. I’ve never asked a professional to work on a day off and I hope to never again but I was in great pain and he stood behind his work and fixed me up. Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Make these folks your dental pros for life!

Bob K.

I’ve never been more satisfied at a dentist office, nor trusted any dentist and their staff more than Dr. Patel’s, in over 40 years of visiting the dentist. They’re kind and courteous, as well as professional and caring. My wife and I are grateful to have found them.

Dave P.